Use a super-computer assistant to make better decisions.

Decisions are unavoidable.

These decisions are important! Your life and projects depend on them.

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Decisions are about evaluating options. Computers can help.

Today's phones and tablets put super-computing power at your fingertips.

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Has super-computing power helped you make better decisions?

Probably not. Maybe you 

  • make lists of good and bad points, 
  • rank them from most important to least, 
  • and then decide using a combination of gut feelings and logic. 

About the only assistance you get from your computer is in gathering information from the internet—which is good, but not an advancement of the process.

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Desdi advances how we make decisions.

She puts the most advanced decision-making technology ever invented at your fingertips in an easy-to-use app.

The technology is called Monte Carlo simulation

It was invented by the mathematician Stanislaw Ulam while playing the card game Solitaire. He wanted to know the chances of getting a successful hand.

Stanislaw wondering about simulation

But considering all possible combinations is too complicated. 

Even for a mathematician. So he wondered about using a brute-force technique: deal a bunch of hands and count the ratio that are successful.

And that's how Stanislaw invented Monte-Carlo simulation.

Stanislaw counting cards

Computers are great at brute-force techniques.

He took this idea of how to solve complex problems in a simple way to his mathematician and computer scientist friend Jon Von Neumann, and asked if this new computer thing could help.

And indeed, it could. With the help of computers, solving complex problems became much easier.

Stanislaw asking Von Neumann about Monte Carlo simulation

Back then it took room-sized computers to perform these simulations.

Using a computer used to be very complicated and expensive.

First computer ENIAC

But today, your mobile phone or tablet has all the super-computing power needed.

These small devices we carry around have much more power than the world's largest computers did back then.

Mobile computer with Desdi

Desdi will help you 

  • break your decision down into manageable pieces, 
  • assign values to these pieces, 
  • and then simulate the likely outcome—
so you can make better decisions.

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Making work and life better.

Desdi provides an advanced, easy-to-use, decision-making tool for teams and individuals.

Avaliable in the Apple store. Coming soon to Android.

If your decision is important, make it better by using Desdi.

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